ARM is pleased to announce that grew 27% in the last quarter of 2015

Located at Duque de Caxias and specialized in warehouse management, handling cargo and logistics projects, ARM grew 27% between October and December of 2015. For 2016, ARM expects 41% of growth. The expectation is too optimistic when you have an economic slowdown in the year, however top management team ensures that it’s feasible.

“In the last 2 years we invested in training for our team, which we deem essential to our business and responsible for the success of the company. ARM’s DNA is made by people that wants to make it happens on a sustainable and innovative way. At the meantime, we deliver to our clients experience based on confidence, flexibility and results.” As per Samir comments

ARM has a lot of certifications like OL to chemical products, Anvisa to sanitizers, cosmetics, army and federal police.

For 2016 ARM is focused on small and medium companies, which the supply chain management needs to be more efficient to keep the competitiveness in the current economic scenario.

“Focus on you core business and we take care of your operation with intelligence and productivity.” Highlighted by the company.