Our Structure

We have a complete and flexible structure to let our customers focus on the most important.


  • Armed security surveillance services round the clock, seven days a week;
  • Electrical monitoring centre, using high technology;
  • Remote monitoring equipment with alarms and video;
  • Doors of the warehouses equipped with special sensors;
  • Electronic surveillance, with 24-hour monitoring;
  • Asset insurance.

ARM also carries out full tracking of products, with special cameras that monitor the products inside the warehouse and also in the loading and offloading area.


The top management at ARM makes sure that the goals of QHSSE, including those necessary to meet the requirements of the service, are instituted in the relevant functions and at the appropriate levels, and that they are measurable and consistent with our policy for QHSSE.

Our goals are:

Ensure the integrity of our collaborators, paying close attention to the compliance of legal requirements.

Make our operational reports visible, allowing any necessary monitoring, adjustments and corrections.

Establish a corporate culture aimed at Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE), promoting the practice of safe and sustainable actions.

Steady and continuous improvement of company management and processes, by controlling and continually monitoring our activities and needs as found.

Have clients that are satisfied with the services rendered, and with solutions as proposed by our company



44,000 m²

of patio and warehouses

267.000 m³

available for your business to expand.


Amparados pelo Decreto Lei 1.102, os armazéns gerais têm como principal característica a guarda e conservação das mercadorias a eles confiadas, operando com bens de terceiros, nacionais ou nacionalizados, para processos de armazenagem e movimentação dos mais variados tipos. Tudo isso com total responsabilidade e segurança. Padrão ARM de qualidade.
Algumas de nossas certificações são:

  • Farmacêuticos
  • Alimentícios
  • Polícia Federal
  • Correlatos
  • Químicos
  • Cosméticos
  • Saneantes
  • Exército
  • LO (Licença de Operação do INEA)
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